A dog should reduce your stress and enrich your life.

But often, the opposite is true when he’s pulling you down the street, jumping on the neighbors, lunging at other dogs or destroying your things.

Training is the key to having the dog you always wanted. But who has the time? Dogs Life Unlimited understands and we’re here to help. Our premium, fully customizable training services are designed to save you time and frustration, provide lasting results, and ensure your dog has lots of fun along the way.

We're located in New York and service clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Some common problems the professional trainers at Dogs Life Unlimited can help you and your dog with:

dog traning

Is your dog pulling on leash during walks?


Is your dog jumping on guests when they arrive?


Is your dog counter surfing?


Does your new puppy need some basic obedience training?


Does your new puppy need to be house trained?

Your training journey at Dogs Life Unlimited starts with an initial consultation and then a customized training plan for you and your dog.


We Do It for You - Day Training

Day Training lets you take care of your life while we take care of training your dog. We’ll focus on the areas where you feel your dog needs the most help – from basic obedience to more challenging issues.



We Teach You to Do It - Private coaching

One-on-one Private coaching sessions are the perfect choice for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to dog training. Each session is fully customized to your lifestyle, needs and training goals.



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“Being first time puppy parents, my mom and dad had tons of questions...how to house train me, how to help me walk nicely on leash, and how to politely greet guests. I’m so glad they found Dogs Life Unlimited. Rocco did an amazing job teaching them all these things and more. Highly recommended by my parents and me!!” - Zoey and family

“My mom adapted me from the shelter but the staff there explained to her about some things I’d need help with when I got home. She found Dogs Life Unlimited and their easy to follow training plan was great! Thank you so much!” -Gus and my mommy

“My parents always thought I was a challenge but they didn’t seek help until they couldn’t deal anymore with me barking at every dog I saw on our morning walks. After working with Rocco and Dogs Life Unlimited for about a month I was a changed dog. No more barking and pulling on my leash. Thank you for teaching and helping me and my parents learn!” -Sadie and parents