Our new puppy is coming home today! 9 things you should get prior to her arrival…

Your newest family member, a new puppy, is coming home today. Don’t panic! We’ve compiled a list of  9 essential things you should get before you bring her home.

1. Crate – It’s important to get an appropriate sized crate for your puppy. Since you’re likely to use the crate for house training, you don’t want her to have enough room so as to have an accident in the crate. The following APDT article has guidance on appropriate crate sizes.

2. Chew toys, for example KONG® Puppy or other appropriate chew toys – Not only does this teach appropriate chew behaviors to your puppy but can also be stuffed with treats and used as an enrichment tool, especially when she’s in her crate.

3. Enzymatic cleaner – No matter how well you house train your puppy, there’s always the possibility she’s going to have an accident. It’s best to have an enzymatic cleaner on hand, such as Nature’s Miracle, so you can clean it up right away.

4. Playpen – During house training, it’s important that your puppy is confined either in her crate when you are not home or a playpen at all times when you’re not devoting 100% of your time to watching her.

5. Leash – The best type of leash for your puppy is a standard dog leash. We don’t recommend a retractable leash since there are many things that can go wrong when using one, such as retractable leash extending further than anticipated and putting your puppy into an unintended dangerous situation. Retractable leashes can also get caught around your puppy’s neck and strangle her.

6. Collar and Harness – A soft, adjustable collar is the best. As your puppy grows you will likely need to go through a number of different sized collars. A harness is also needed and it is important that you get one that properly fits your puppy so she doesn’t slide out of it and run off. Since puppies are typically small, it’s usually best to attach the leash to a harness instead of the puppy’s collar.

7. Treats and Food – It’s important to start your puppy off right so a supply of healthy food and treats will go a long way! It’s a good idea to ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

8. Food and Water Bowl – Ceramic or stainless steel bowls are the best as they typically don’t harbor bacteria and are easier to clean. They’re also dishwasher safe.

9. Comfortable Bed – After a long day of training and play, your puppy will need to kick back and take a nap! It’s important that she has a comfortable bed that she can grow into.

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