Meet Rocco Autero, CPDT-KA


Rocco Autero, CPDT-KA, founded Dogs Life Unlimited as a way to help busy-but-dedicated dog owners have the healthy, happy and well-behaved pet they’ve always wanted. With a wealth of education, experience and creativity, Rocco knows how to bring out the very best in your dog using the most humane, science-based training techniques.

Rocco first became fascinated by animals and their behavior while working as a pet photographer. Wanting to learn more, he signed up for a seminar in animal behavior – a decision that would ultimately lead to a new career in dog training.

For Rocco, however, the rewards of training don’t stop with the dogs. He truly enjoys helping you, the human on the other end of the leash, too. Whether through Day Training or Private coaching, his goal is to make your life easier and less stressful by getting to the root of your dog’s issues and finding a lasting solution.

In addition to Dogs Life Unlimited, Rocco also runs Elite Pet Photography, a successful pet portrait photography studio specializing in fine art photos of dogs and cats.

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