Dog Tips

Using aversive collars to stop unwanted behavior, here’s why that’s dangerous

By Dogs Life Unlimited / September 12, 2022

So your dog is barking non-stop. Maybe your neighbor or co-worker suggested using an anti-bark collar for your dog. These collars are sometimes called by a few different names, an e-collar, a shock collar or even sometimes a remote collar. So how does this collar actually work? A shock collar is an aversive tool. What exactly…

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anxious dog waiting for owner to come back

What doesn’t work for dog separation anxiety training

By Dogs Life Unlimited / May 18, 2022

Your dog has separation anxiety. You started searching online about  your dog’s separation anxiety and just read an advertisement for the latest separation anxiety solution. Below, I’ve listed a bunch of things that, despite what the products advertisement says, will not work for your dogs separation anxiety. Bark Collar Another solution people will recommend online…

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puppy playing with a chew toy

Help! I just got a new puppy and she won’t let me out of her sight!

By Dogs Life Unlimited / May 15, 2022

You just got a new puppy, congratulations! A few days later, you realize that your puppy won’t let you out of her site without whining and barking. This is something I hear a lot from new puppy parents. Or maybe you tried leaving your puppy in a crate and headed off to bed and this…

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off leash dog running up to your dog

Off leash dog encounters, what to do when approached by an off-leash dog

By Dogs Life Unlimited / April 15, 2022

Off-leash dogs, it’s every dog parent’s nightmare. You’re walking along a path quietly and then out of nowhere, an off-leash dog approaches you and your dog. What should you do? Is the off-leash dog friendly or aggressive? Where is the owner? Should I let my dog greet this dog? All these questions must be racing…

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dog waste station poop bag cleanup

Tips and Trick to open those difficult dog poop bags

By Dogs Life Unlimited / March 23, 2022

Have you ever struggled to open up dog poop bags? Sometimes it’ll take me over ten minutes to open one up when I’m out with my dog. Some brands are easier to open than others. But they all sometimes are a challenge to open. So what do you do then? What you should do is…

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dog with gps collar

But I have a microchip or an Airtag for my dog, do I really need a GPS?

By Dogs Life Unlimited / January 23, 2022

One of the most valuable purchases I’ve made for my dog last year has been acquiring a GPS dog collar for her. A lot of people have asked me, why do I need a GPS collar, my dog has a microchip? A microchip is great, but a microchip is a passive means of recovering your…

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new puppy laying on carpet

Our new puppy is coming home today! 9 things you should get prior to her arrival…

By Dogs Life Unlimited / October 15, 2019

Your newest family member, a new puppy, is coming home today. Don’t panic! We’ve compiled a list of  9 essential things you should get before you bring her home. 1. Crate – It’s important to get an appropriate sized crate for your puppy. Since you’re likely to use the crate for house training, you don’t…

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