Imagine what it would be like to have a dog who is well-mannered both at home and in public.

One who doesn’t pull, lunge, jump, bark or chew your things. One who actually listens! The expert, premium training services of Dogs Life Unlimited can make this dream a reality – all while saving you time, stress and frustration.

Step #1 – Initial Consultation

The first step to a better-behaved dog is scheduling an initial consultation using video conferencing technology. All you need is a tablet, smartphone or computer. We'll use Zoom (available on computers, tablets and smartphones).  We’ll ask you to complete some questions online prior to your session. During the session, we'll discuss your dog's history, his or her personality, and any issue you would like to have addressed. We'll then develop a customized training plan, put in place a management plan for immediate relief and schedule any additional sessions. The initial video consultation typically lasts about 60 minutes.

Initial Video Consultation Fee $175


(We have customized video training programs for your new puppy or adult dog)

Dog Training @ Home Video Coaching

Things You Need for a Successful Video Session

Dog Training @ Home Video Coaching

Do you prefer personalized attention over one-size-fits-all group training classes? Do you enjoy learning how to train your own dog? Does your dog have one or two small issues that need to be addressed? Then our Dog Training @ Home private video coaching program may be the solution you’re looking for.

With each hour-long live private video coaching session, you and your dog will get the undivided attention of an experienced, professional trainer, with plenty of time to ask questions. A customized training plan will be created specifically for your dog and the goals you have for them. You’ll get fun homework so you can work with your dog between sessions. Plus, we are also available via phone, text or e-mail to answer any questions you encounter along the way.

Whether your dog just needs to brush up on his manners or has a more challenging behavioral issue, private video coaching is the affordable, effective way to a better best friend!

Private video coaching Fees: $150 per session (Each session lasts approximately one hour and you’ll only pay for the number of sessions you need to get the results you want.)

Things You Need for a Successful Video Session

Desktop or Laptop with Webcam, Tablet or Smartphone

Area of your home that has a good WiFi signal

Area of your home where you can work with your dog without distractions

Treats (something yummy your dog loves!)


Additional Items Needed:

Access to a camera (smartphone camera works great!) so you can record your homework sessions with your dog for feedback/review



We're happy to schedule a 10 minute technology session prior to your initial consultation to get you familiar with using Zoom for your Dog Training @ Home private video coaching programing.