Ken Ramirez Advanced Dog Training Topics Seminar


Ken Ramirez Advanced Dog Training Topics

I attended an excellent seminar this past weekend at the La Quinta Inn in Secaucus New Jersey. The seminar, Advanced Dog Training Topics, was hosted by Ken Ramirez, Executive Vice-President and Chief Training Officer of Karen Pryor Clicker Training. I had previously seen Ken speak at Clicker Expo 2017 in Stamford Connecticut.

The seminar covered a number of interesting and engaging training topics over the course of the two days and was broken down into four primary sections. On Saturday, the first topic we learned about was the importance of using non-food reinforcers and how to effectively introduce them and manage their use. In the afternoon on Saturday we learned about Complex Training Tools. Ken presented eight potential tools to discuss and asked the audience to vote on which four of these we wanted to hear about. The good thing was that Ken’s notes for the entire seminar were available to download online and the topics that weren’t chosen were still available in the notes to be reviewed.

On Sunday, we got into talking about Aggression Reduction Strategies and Ken gave an overview of a number of well know techniques, for example Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) 2.0, Constructional Aggression Treatment C.A.T., Click to Calm, and Training an Incompatible Behavior. Lastly, on Sunday afternoon we talked about working with multiple animals. Ken spoke about this in the context of a number of different species, even alpacas at his ranch. He also presented a case study for a special project he lead from 2013-2015 working with three aggressive case dogs in Chicago.

Ken spent time answering questions during class, during breaks and even after class. Overall the seminar was a terrific learning experience and I’d recommend it to anybody involved in dog training and dog behavior.

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