Put Your Puppy on the Right Path

If you’ve recently adopted a new puppy (or are thinking about getting one) – congratulations! You’re in for one of the most exciting and fun experiences of your life.

Right now, your puppy is learning at lightning speed and forming new behaviors that have the potential to stay with him for a lifetime. That’s why it’s never too early to start teaching basic manners and skills, reinforcing good habits and properly socializing him to other people, animals and objects.

At Dogs Life Unlimited, we can help put your puppy on the right path so that he grows into the happy, well-mannered, well-adjusted dog you’ve always dreamed of!

Convenient and Effective Training for Every Lifestyle

We recognize that every dog/human duo is unique and they each have different expectations and needs when it comes to training. Our training is fully customized to each client but many of the common puppy issues we can address include:

  • House training
  • Leash walking
  • Basic obedience skills such as sit, down and coming when called
  • Normal puppy behaviors like chewing and play biting
  • Proper socialization
Step #1 – Initial Consultation

The first step to a better-behaved puppy is scheduling an initial consultation in your home. This session lets us get to know you and your new puppy better. We’ll discuss your puppy's history, his or her personality, and your training goals. We'll then develop a customized training plan, put in place a management plan for immediate relief and schedule your training sessions. The initial consultation typically lasts about 60 minutes.

Initial Consultation Fee $175


(Day Training or Private coaching as recommended by your trainer)

We Do It For You - Day Training


We Teach You to Do It - Private coaching

We Do It For You - Day Training

Day Training is the perfect solution if you’re a frequent traveler, have a busy social schedule or work long hours. While you take care of your daily commitments, a professional trainer will train your puppy for you! At the end of each week, we’ll meet with you to show you what they’ve learned and teach you how to maintain their new skills and behaviors.

Best of all, since your puppy is working with a professional multiple times a week, you’ll see big changes fast!

Why Choose Day Training?

  • Saves you time and frustration
  • Addresses training needs from basic obedience to more challenging behavioral issues
  • Your puppy will learn from of an experienced, compassionate, professional trainer
  • Each session provides your puppy with lots of fun, attention and mental stimulation
  • Most behavior issues can be resolved in just four to six weeks

Day Training Fees: $600 per week (includes three one-hour training sessions and one transfer session with the dog and owner)

We Teach You to Do It - Private coaching

Do you prefer personalized attention over one-size-fits-all group training classes? Do you enjoy learning how to train your own puppy? Does your puppy have one or two small issues that need to be addressed? Then private coaching may be the solution you’re looking for.

With each hour-long private coaching session, you and your puppy will get the undivided attention of an experienced, professional trainer, with plenty of time to ask questions. A customized training plan will be created specifically for your puppy and the goals you have for them. You’ll get fun homework so you can work with your puppy between sessions. Plus, we are also available via phone, text or e-mail to answer any questions you encounter along the way.

Private coaching Fees: $150 per session (Each session lasts approximately one hour and you’ll only pay for the number of sessions you need to get the results you want.)