Separation Anxiety

Put An End to You and Your Dog's Stress and Suffering

Is your dog showing signs of destruction or distress when left alone. Does your dog become anxious or upset when you're preparing to leave. These may be signs that your dog has developed Separation Anxiety.

Common Symptoms

Here are some common symptoms that may indicate separation anxiety.

Urination and/or defecation when home alone

Attempting to escape from area where your dog is left when alone

Persistent barking or howling when alone

Chewing, digging and destroying items when home alone

Consistent pacing when left alone

Why Do Dogs Develop Separation Anxiety?

There are no conclusive studies that show why a dog develops separation anxiety but here are some of the situations that are thought to be associated with development of separation anxiety.

Change in Schedule - for example, a dog who was always home with an owner during the pandemic who now is alone since the owner has returned to the office.

Change in Family or Guardian - for example, an owner passing away or a dog being given to a shelter and adapted by a new family.

Change in Residence - a dog moving to a new home where everything they were familiar with has changed around them.

The trainers at Dogs Life Unlimited are here to help put an end to the stress and suffering of separation anxiety for both you and your dog.

separation anxiety training

Our separation anxiety program starts with an initial assessment and consultation. From there, if you and your dog are a good fit for the program we will require a minimum 4 week commitment. Most separation anxiety issues need more than 4 weeks to resolve. Towards the end of the 4 week program, we will re-assess where your dog is at and add additional packages where necessary.


Initial Assessment and Consultation

The Initial Assessment consists of:

Discussion of your dog's history, the issues you're having and any challenges you've had.

A live assessment to determine your dog's current thresholds and starting point.

Confirmation your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and is a good candidate for this program.

Time to discuss the program in depth and answer any and all questions you have.

This assessment can take place virtually via Zoom or in-person* and typically lasts about 60 to 90 minutes.

* In person assessment only available within reasonable travel distance of trainer's location.

Initial Assessment & Consultation Fee $200

Separation Anxiety Training Program

Training Program consists of:

Initial Assessment and Consultation required prior to start of training program.

Twenty customized training plans (five per week) to follow Monday through Friday.

First training plan done together virtually via Zoom meeting to help set you up on the right path for success.

Once a week virtual meeting via Zoom (30-45 minutes) to re-assess progress, fine-tune your training program, review any captured videos and answer any questions you have.

One camera will be provided free of charge* (Wyze), or you can use your own if you already have one set up, to monitor your dog when going through the training program. (*US Clients only)

A daily log will be provided and needed to be completed every day to help assess your dog's progress.

Daily support via text, e-mail or WhatsApp.

4 Week Separation Anxiety Package $750

As we near the end of the 4 weeks, we'll re-assess where your dog is at with the program and we can determine if we need to continue with an additional 4 week package or if you are ready to go at it alone. 

Additional 4 Week Training Packages $600

(as needed)

separation prevention

Prepare Your Dog to Be Home Alone 

Planning on returning to the office for work and concerned how that may affect your dog?

Is your dog starting to show signs that they're uncomfortable when you leave them home to run errands or go out to dinner?

Now is the time to start planning for any upcoming changes to set your dog up for success down the road.



During this session we'll spend time discussing your dog's history, your current daily routine, your future routine and put in place a plan of action to start getting your dog comfortable with being left alone.

Your customized plan may include a training plan, a management plan or both of these plans.

Includes a 75 minute in home or virtual consultation as well as a 20 minute follow up discussion via phone or video (Zoom).

Separation Prevention Training Fee $175