Virtual Dog Training via Remote Online Zoom sessions

Maybe you're thinking, virtual dog training, what's that? Surely that doesn't work!

Here at Dogs Life Unlimited, we have found that virtual training can be just as effective as in person training. You get the same access to a professional dog trainer and the training can take place almost anywhere. Some recent sessions have taken place virtually in client's homes, their backyard, around their neighborhood and even at their vacation homes.

In addition, some behavior issues actually benefit from not having a trainer in your home. For example, in dog separation anxiety and other fear based issues like nervousness around visitors and dog to human reactivity, your dog will benefit from not having another person in your home and be able to learn faster.

In other situations, starting out the training with a few lessons online then moving to in-person has been effective as well.

Read on to learn more about some of the benefits of virtual training and some of the things you need in order to be successful.

benefits of online training

Some of the benefits our clients have told us about using virtual dog training

Convenience - Train in the comfort of your own home without the need for a trainer to enter your home.

Flexibility - Ability to schedule training around your work schedule. Training sessions available during the day as well as on some weekends and evenings.

Traveling with Your Dog - You can still keep up with training as long as you have an internet connection or from a cellular enabled smartphone or tablet.

Virtual Feedback - Record your sessions working with your dog with a smartphone or camera throughout the week for on-going feedback from your trainer.

Recording - If requested, our virtual online training sessions can be recorded so you can go back and review at any time throughout your training program.

virtual dog training on computer
things you need for a successful session
working from home with a dog distracting you

Afraid you don't have the technology for a successful virtual dog training session?

Here's a list of what you'd need for a successful virtual dog training session:

Desktop or Laptop with Webcam, Tablet or Smartphone

Area of your home that has a good WiFi signal

Area of your home where you can work with your dog without distractions

Treats (something yummy your dog loves!)

Additional Items Needed:

Access to a camera (smartphone camera works great!) so you can record your homework sessions with your dog for feedback/review


Still have questions? Here's some of the frequently questions we're asked about virtual training

How does virtual dog training work exactly?

Virtual dog training is one-on-one remote training lessons utilizing a computer, tablet or smartphone and Zoom virtual conferencing software. You and your dog would just need to log into a link sent by your trainer prior to the scheduled session.

Is virtual dog training as effective as in-person training?

Virtual dog training has been found to be just as effective as in-person training. You will receive the same guidance and instruction as you would receive with an in person training session, only you will be handling your dog and your trainer will be working with you remotely.

What dogs does virtual dog training work best for?

We have found that virtual training works for most dogs, from a couple month old puppies to senior dogs.

What training issues can virtual dog training help my dog with?

From basic manners puppy training to more complex behavior issues, virtual training can work wonders for you and your dog. We have even found that some behavior issues, such as separation anxiety or dog to human fear or reactivity, actually work better when done virtually.

I'm afraid my dog won't learn if you don't come to my home to show me what I need to do?

With virtual dog training, you'll receive the same instruction and guidance as you would if your trainer were standing in your home. How some exercises are demoed may just look a little different. Instead of demoing the exercise with your dog, your trainer will demonstrate with a live dog remotely, a life sized stuffed dog or by showing you a video that your trainer recorded of the exercise.

Dog standing on beach learning new commands

We're happy to schedule a complimentary 10 minute technology session prior to your first session to get you familiar with using Zoom for your Virtual Training private video coaching programing.